Design and Technology at St Edwards

On the 6th February 2017 Apprentices Mean Business supported an event at St. Edwards school to promote Design and Technology as a great career path.

Students from years 9, 10, 11 and 12 were invited to an evening all about Design and Technology; with manufacturing, construction and engineering guests from local organisations; students had the chance to meet and talk to experts and practitioners from the industry.

The students and parents we spoke with were very engaging and it was also a perfect opportunity to encourage technology through apprenticeships.

Superior at Poole High School

Poole High School

James Rowe and Susanna Perkins of Superior Seals have been presenting at Poole High School. This event was targeted at year 8 students who have to make their GCSE subject choices very soon therefore an important time for them. Susanna and James spoke about their experiences as apprentices at Superior Seals, highlights included the opportunities and responsibilities they have gained. The pair also reinforced that there are many apprentice disciplines now available in multiple fields and at differing levels giving school leavers a huge amount of choice. A brilliant morning engaging with young enthusiastic people!

Bournemouth and Poole College Careers Event

Bournemouth and Poole College has been a fantastic training provider for many apprentices in the area. It was great to see so many apprenticeship providers supporting BPC at the careers event last night.

Careers at Queen Elizabeth School

QE SchoolIt was fantastic to see so many Apprentice Mean Business Sponsors and Ambassadors at the QE School careers event. Looking forward to seeing the next intake of apprentices in 2017!

Your Future – Your Choice

Fantastic turn out for the Your Future - Your Choice event

There was a great turn out for the Your Future – Your Choice event last week. Young people from Bournemouth and Poole were able to ‘drop in’ and seek advice from schools, Universities and employers. Apprenticeships were well represented by Superior Seals, JP Morgan, Ultra Electronics and Bournemouth and Poole Councils.

Keep an eye out for the next one!

Everything you ever wanted to know about apprenticeships but were afraid to ask!


On the 17th March Superior Seals hosted a well attended event promoting apprenticeships to potential new apprenticeship providers. The networking breakfast lead to presentations from Aish and Superior outlining their apprenticeship schemes, how they are incorporated throughout the companies and their significant success as a result of taking on apprentices. The question and answer session was followed by a tour of the Superior Academy, demonstrating how the Superior apprentices have contributed to the business.

Hopefully we’ll start to see new schemes starting in the near future!

Developing Skills – Developing Business

With the build up to National Apprenticeship Week 2016, Christchurch and East Dorset councils held two events at Highcliffe School and Queen Elizabeth School, promoting apprenticeships to both employers and students.

Local businesses spoke about their drive for young talent and how they have been incorporated throughout their companies.

Chloe Dunning

Apprenticeship  HR

I have completed my first year at Aish Technologies doing Business and Administration Level 2. I am now going on to do a CIPD Certificate in Human Resource Practice level 3. At work at I am learning about basic HR processes and doing tasks such as monitoring the sickness for the company and the security vetting for new starters.

“I chose to do an apprenticeship as whilst doing my AS levels as I decided I wanted to gain experience in the workplace whilst completing further qualifications. After doing a week’s work experience at Aish I found out they were recruiting for a HR Apprentice and thought it was a very good opportunity.

My apprenticeship has helped me grow as a person and become more confident. I have learnt many new skills which I will able to take with me whatever I choose to do in the future. It has benefited my employer as she is able to give me tasks that she does not have time to do but need to be done.”

Matt Collom

Apprenticeship  Investment Operations

I began my J.P. Morgan apprenticeship on the 30th September 2013 at Chaseside. I am currently working in an operations role processing trades in the confirmations and settlements team whilst completing my Investment Operation Qualification: CISI through BPP. This apprenticeship is providing me with the skills and knowledge of the financial industry which should help start my career within the firm.

“An apprenticeship is the perfect foundation for building a strong and successful career. Combining the teaching and learning that you would receive at university along with on the job experience builds you the best platform to start your career.”

“In the first few months of the apprenticeship my knowledge of investment banking has vastly improved and has provided me with the tools to be able to succeed in my line of work whilst giving me the perfect support structure to help me along the way. As a new generation entering J.P. Morgan I feel the company has benefited from the enthusiasm, positive work ethic and the new ideas I have brought forward.”

Jess Mason

Apprenticeship  Investment Banking

I am based in Global Technology Infrastructure within the firm and I work in a team spread across the globe. My role is to provide pre-approved technology changes for firm wide use in order to enable each line of business to carry out tasks without waiting for approvals when a change is required. I am also part of the community relations committee where we donate to certain charities and schemes over the south. My course is spread over 18 months and is a financial services qualification where I have optional units such as Technology and Operations.

“I chose to apply for an apprenticeship because I am heavily motivated by the idea of earning and receiving an education at the same time that’ll therefore help to succeed within my employment. As tuition fees are rising and the increasing influx of graduates applying for a small variety of jobs, I felt by taking this route I will have the experience to progress further in my career path.”


“For a firm this large to branch out with an apprenticeship scheme allows them to gain a variety of young talented individuals who can add unique and fresh value to the firm. For me, the apprenticeship has provided a foot in the door of a massive global firm where I have several opportunities and options for any career path I choose.”

Ben Lane

Apprenticeship  Mechanical

Within the apprenticeship structure I have started as a mechanical apprentice assigned to a specific department. The main role I am carrying out is the mechanical assembly and testing of the high grade components and products. I also have one day a week at college to learn engineering theory and to get the qualifications to progress though the company.

“I chose this apprenticeship because the expertise of the company and the direction it is taking. There are many opportunities currently and in the future that will help me further my career. With this there is a great working environment and atmosphere.” 

“In only a short space of time I have learn more engineering knowledge than ever before, this apprenticeship has also grown me as a person giving me a more people skills base. There are cooperative projects to help grow the business like going to schools hand having talks to students about engineering.”

Ellie Fermor

Apprenticeship  Business Advanced Business and Administration

So far I have only been at my work placement as college hasn’t started yet. Since December I have been taught how to use the college databases, created individual files for candidates and employers, handled confidential information and I have also contacted individuals for up to date paperwork. I have also created my own personal spread sheets to ensure that I know when important information is about to expire as it is vital that this information is kept up to date.

“After completing my A Levels I knew that university wasn’t the route for me. So I had a choice, to get a full time job or to train for something that interested me. I figured it would be perfect to do both and so chose to do an Apprenticeship at The College as I had heard positive feedback from people I knew who went down the Apprenticeship route.

I feel like I have learned a lot in the short space of time being an apprentice. Also, the good thing about my job is that I am not just based in the same office so I am learning from very experienced administrators whom all have different routines. My employer has benefitted greatly as not only do they get me at a cheaper rate but offices that have needed admin support are now getting it.”

Charlotte Coleman

Apprenticeship  Business and Administration

I work for Bournemouth & Poole College at the Lansdowne site on their Reception. I really enjoy working for the college as every day is different and exciting. Everyone that I work with and around are so friendly and supportive.  My manager especially is very supportive and is more than happy to help me with anything I struggle with, at the same time she is finding new things for me to do and learn that will benefit me for the rest of my life. I have learnt so many skills that will help me throughout life.

“I chose to do an apprenticeship after having a bad experience doing my first year of A levels.  Once I realised that I no longer wanted to study for my A2’s I looked into apprenticeships. At this point I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, so I went  for a business & administration apprenticeship which  I knew would stand me in a good position in the future when applying for jobs.

Doing an apprenticeship has benefited me in so many ways. I have been taught so many skills that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. It has also benefited my employer because with me being there it means I can take some of the workload off them and make it easier. Yes they had to train me at the start, but it’s all worth it in the end.”

Dorset Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Employers Breakfast

Jamie Arnold Presenting

Jamie Arnold Presenting

Dorset Chamber of Commerce held a breakfast convention on Tuesday 13th October at the Cumberland Hotel, Bournemouth.

The event was in order to promote apprenticeships to employers, explaining what they really involve. Presenting were Alan Jenkinson from the National Apprentice Service, A-One Insurance and Jamie Arnold on behalf of Apprentices Mean Business. The event emphasised the employers influence from all aspects of the apprenticeship. Hopefully there will be some freshly inspired companies hiring apprentices in the near future!

Apprentices Mean… Teaching?

Apprentices Jamie Arnold (Superior Seals) and Jacques Reynaud (JP Morgan) went into Avonbourne College to present their route to an apprenticeship.

Alongside Bournemouth University representatives, our apprentices explained why they chose their respective apprenticeships, what it was like to apply, and their day-to-day activities to year 10 and 11 students as part of a PSHE lesson. Lots of intresting questions were raised including “Where do I apply?”

Ben Clarke

Ben Clarke, 29, from Poole, Dorset, completed his Advanced Apprenticeship in Manufacturing and Engineering at a local engineering company before taking up his role in Superior Seals which designs, manufactures and supplies seals and special mouldings to some of the world’s most renowned and respected manufacturing companies.  Five years on, Ben now has a senior position within Superior Seals, and is currently the Quality Manager.

“Apprenticeships are character building for life – they help you develop many personal and professional skills. I still use many of the skills I learnt as an apprentice in my every day role which involves dealing with leading global organisations.”

My Apprenticeship transformed me from a quiet and shy school boy to a confident, mature and driven individual striving for the best in whatever I did.  It was instrumental in building in qualities such as technical skills, my approach to problem solving, remaining calm under pressure, prioritising tasks, time management, working independently and working within a team; it’s an endless list of skills that you cannot learn from any other process.”

Promoting Apprenticeships at Poole Grammar School

James Rowe at Poole Grammar School
James Rowe at Poole Grammar School

James Rowe at Poole Grammar School

James Rowe an Apprentice from Superior Seals presented his ‘life as an apprentice’ at Poole Grammar School’s careers evening on the 9th September.  Read More

Dorset Young Enterprise Launch Take 2

Following the success of Apprentices Mean Business representation at the first launch of a Dorset Young Enterprise event we were invited back again!  On the 14th and 20th January Apprentices Mean Business Ambassadors spoke again sharing their experiences as Apprentices.  Ashlie Kitching and Jake McKenna from JP Morgan spoke to local students about why it’s so great to be an apprentice.  The Young Enterprise scheme focusses on teaching students true business skills and they’ll be mentored by local business men and women over nine training sessions.


Ashlie Kitching


Jake McKenna

Biggest Careers Convention Yet!

Today Superior Seals supported at a careers convention at Bournemouth School; the event and programme encompassed various careers topics and general employability advice.  Ashleigh Baker presented to students on what it’s like “Being a Superior Apprentice”.  Feedback from students and parents was extremely positive.

Ashleigh about to start her presentation!

Ashleigh about to start her presentation!

Fancy a Superior Career?

Fancy a Superior Career?


Dorset Young Enterprise Launch

On the 4th and 5th of November Apprentices Mean Business ambassadors represented the network at two launch events for the Dorset Young Enterprise.  Ellie Fermor from Bournemouth and Poole College and Jamie Arnold from Superior Seals spoke about their experiences as apprentices to a group of thirty students from local schools.  The Young Enterprise scheme focusses on teaching students true business skills and they’ll be mentored by local business men and women over nine training sessions.

The students at Brittany Ferries

The students at Brittany Ferries

Discussing their experiences

Discussing their experiences

But first, let me take a #selfie

We know you apprentices are proud of your jobs and where you work. Why not show everyone by sending your #apprenticeships #getingofar selfie to We’ll pin it here on our map. Tell us your full name, age, apprentice level, company you work for, job title and why you love where you work. Not an apprentice already? Go to to see the opportunities available! What are you waiting for? Get in, go far.

Ben Clarke with HRH The Duke of Kent


Careers Fair

Today Superior Seals supported a careers convention at Queen Elizabeth School.  Students and parents were able to get a real insight into what engineering is all about, the feedback from those that attended was amazing!

House of Lords

Today Ben Clarke represented the Apprentices Mean Business network at the House of Lords.

Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative (SFEDI) and the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IOEE) came together to host a celebratory event recognising  individual and organisational successes in enterprising skills development through a range of awards.

With key figures from the enterprise and skills sector it was a great opportunity to discuss the challenges and opportunities in apprentice training.

Jason Holt, CEO of the Holts Group and the Government appointed Small Business Ambassador was amongst the award winners and shared his enthusiasm for apprenticeships in the UK.

In the House of Lords!

In the House of Lords!


Post 18 “I’m Hired Day”

Today two ambassadors, Charlotte Coleman from Bournemouth and Poole College and Susanna Perkins from Superior Seals spoke at “I’m Hired Day” an event at Corfe Hills School.  The day was to help students in Year 13 with alternative options to university. The ambassadors were talking about their apprenticeship experiences, a normal day and the qualifications being gained. The students seemed interested about apprenticeships and asked some insightful questions after some encouragement.

Susanna Presenting

Susanna Presenting







Charlotte Presenting

Careers Convention

Today Superior Seals supported a careers convention at the Glenmoor and Winton Academies.  The event was very well attended by students and parents with lots of interest being shown in apprenticeships, particularly in the engineering sector.  Extremely positive feedback with many prospective apprenticeship candidates!  Bring on next years intake!!

Liam Stratten from Superior Seals

Liam Stratten from Superior Seals


Q and A at Avonbourne College!

Today two ambassadors took apprenticeship questions from year eleven students at Avonbourne College.  Ellie Fermor from Bournemouth and Poole College and Matt Collom from JP Morgan helped uncover all the myths by joining a school lesson all about “Post 16 Options”.  Having direct access to real apprentices with real experiences, the students could really understand what an apprenticeship is all about.

Ellie from BPC

Ellie from BPC








Matt from JP Morgan

Matt from JP Morgan

Chemistry at Work

Today Susanna Perkins apprentice ambassador from Superior Seals presented “Chemistry at Work” at Bournemouth and Poole College.  She presented to groups of year eight students from various schools around the area.  The session presented by Susanna was about polymer science but there was a wide variety of sessions from making ice-cream to bath bombs.  The feedback from students and teachers has been really positive, the event was a big success!!

A Polymer Chain!

A Polymer Chain!

Making Education Work

Today local sixth form heads came together at The Arts University Bournemouth for a “Post-16 Conference” Making Education Work to gain awareness of all the different options.

Ben Clarke who heads up “Apprentices Mean Business” took us on his journey from leaving school at sixteen to getting an apprenticeship, developing as a person and securing a senior management position. Ben’s presentation gave all the sixth form heads an insight into the true meaning of an apprenticeship and how big the opportunities are for young people.

The Second Big Bang!

Today Superior Seals attended the second Big Bang event hosted by Bournemouth and Poole College (STEM Centre).  The event encouraged employers to promote science, technology, engineering and maths to school children in short ‘hands on’ sessions.  Superior Seals took Lego Mindstorm Robots, this allowed the children to learn basic programming and expand their thinking; all the children successfully completed a “mini” course and won a trophy!  The event was very popular and hopefully inspired some young engineers of the future.

Lego Mindstorm

Lego Mindstorm




Promoting Apprenticeships at Ferndown Upper School

Today Superior Seals apprentice Jamie Arnold represented the network at Ferndown Upper School.  Jamie was promoting engineering apprenticeships as great career route and shared the opportunities available at Superior.  Students and teachers were curious to ask questions about the life of an apprentice.

Jamie Ferndown 040714

Jamie Arnold representing AMB!

Women in Engineering

Today two Ambassadors, Susanna Perkins and Ashleigh Baker from Superior Seals attended the women in engineering conference at Bournemouth and Poole College.  The afternoon was very successful in highlighting the importance of engineering in today’s society and the need to encourage young women into technical based careers.  The attendees comprised of local female teachers, STEM ambassadors and business representatives; all who attended were extremely enthusiastic and keen to support future women in engineering. Whilst at the conference Susanna and Ashleigh discussed their apprenticeship scheme and what benefits and opportunities it’s offered them.

Women In Engineering 2 120614

Susanna and Ashleigh

Parkstone Grammar – Futures Day

Today four ambassadors presented their apprenticeship experiences to students of Parkstone Grammar School, Poole. Matt Collom and Ashlie Kitching from JP Morgan and Joe Key and Ben Lane from Ultra Electronics gave students a different view to think about.

This was an important event to highlight alternative career paths for sixth form students demonstrating that it is possible to gain degree level qualifications through an apprenticeship, with the added benefit of real life working experience and getting paid!

Matt and Ashlie

Ashlie and Matt








Ben and Joe

Investing in Dorset

Today businesses across Dorset joined together at Kingston Maurwood College, the aim, to work together for the mutual benefit of employers, the next generation of Dorset workers and the regional economy as a whole.

Ben Clarke who heads up the “Apprentices Mean Business” network took us back to the start of his apprenticeship and presented his career progression as a young man and demonstrated what young people can go on to achieve in a very short space of time; “these days young people are enthusiastic, passionate and ambitious; we as employers need to give them the opportunities and they will grab them!”. Charlotte Coleman who recently completed her apprenticeship at Bournemouth and Poole College also joined to take questions from the audience; her confidence and passion took everyone by surprise. Other speakers included, Robin Walker, Key Account Manager at Jewson, discussing employer engagement within the skills agenda and former government Minister Jonathan Shaw.

With over one hundred in attendance it was a great opportunity to showcase how apprenticeships can positively impact employers and the need to train the next generation.

Ben Clarke Presenting

Ben Presenting





Answering Questions

Charlotte Answering Questions

Progression Day at Bournemouth University

Today two Ambassadors presented their higher apprenticeship experience to a hundred year twelve students of Bourne Academy at Bournemouth University.  In what was a challenging session, Ben Lane from Ultra Electronics and Susanna Perkins from Superior Seals demonstrated the possibilities of what young people can go on to achieve; a very useful session for the young people who attended.

The Purbeck School – Apprenticeship and Employer Event

Today three Ambassadors visited Purbeck School for their careers open day, it was an intimate event which allowed everyone to get an up-close experience of what it’s like to be an apprentice.  For the ambassadors it was an enjoyable afternoon to share their experiences and knowledge, for me it great interacting with the people who attended.

Joe Manning, Sunseeker


Eager to find out about local vacancies!









Discussing the options!









National Apprenticeship Awards 2014

It’s the last week to enter The National Apprenticeship Awards 2014!

The Awards recognise both excellence in businesses that grow their own talent through Apprenticeships and the apprentices who have made a significant contribution to their workplaces.

The closing date for entries is
Friday 28 March 2014 at 5.00pm.

Click here to enter!

NAS Awards

Middle School Awareness – Robot Wars!!

Today Superior Seals invited fourteen students from West Moors Middle School into the company to meet their apprenticeship ambassadors.  The event proved to be a highly successful event with the students spending some time learning about polymer science before embarking on a CNC machining and robotics project.

 The objective of the robotics was that the students would see a trophy being manufactured on the CNC lathes and milling machines before competing for the trophy in a robotics challenge.  The challenge involved the students programming their robot to complete a series of challenges in a set time.  In what turned out to be girls versus boys challenge, the girls emerged victorious!  Feedback from the school was that “you have created a few budding engineers” which was a good end to a very positive exercise.

Programming Robots

Programming Robots

Students showing their trophies and robots!

Students showing their trophies and robots!





National Apprenticeship Week 2014 #NAW2014

Today employers, colleges and training providers from around Dorset came together at the Bournemouth International Centre (BIC) for “The Skills Show Experience”.

With over one thousand students coming through the doors it was a great opportunity to try a range of activities including robotics, construction, cooking and web design!

We had great local support from Apprentices Mean Business, with Bournemouth and Poole College, JP Morgan, Sunseeker, Superior Seals and Ultra Electronics all attending.

A great day promoting apprenticeships.


"Having a Go" on some CAD software!

“Having a Go” on some CAD software!

Ready for National Apprenticeship Week!

We’ve decided it’s time for a slight refresh and what better day to do it than the first day of National Apprenticeship Week?! We’re pleased to announce that we’ve had a new logo designed and have finally set up a twitter account. We’re going to be very active on Twitter over National Apprenticeship Week (3rd – 7th March) and we’d love you to join in. If you’d like to follow @Apprentices_AMB

Apprentices Mean Business new logo!

Apprenticeship Challenge!

Today four Ambassadors presented their apprenticeship experiences to parents and students of Queen Elizabeth School, Wimborne; with over three hundred and fifty people attending it was a huge turn out!

Charlotte Coleman from Bournemouth and Poole College, Grace Morrison from Scissors, Joe Key from Ultra Electronics and Alex Riley from Superior Seals all took to the stage and explained what it’s like to be an apprentice.  The Head Teacher Mr McLeman commented how encouraging and inspiring it was to hear the young people speak and to such a big audience.  The event was a fantastic success, all four ambassadors were confident, spoke from the heart and proved why apprenticeships are a great career path that can lead to big opportunities.


Everyone listening to Charlotte’s presentation

Grace Presenting

Grace presenting










Joe Presenting

Joe presenting

Alex Presenting

Alex presenting

The Warde Apprenticeship Award is Open for Entry

Dorset Chamber are delighted to once again be inviting entries for the 2014 Warde Apprenticeship Award which seeks to acknowledge and celebrate an Apprentice’s exceptional contribution to his or her workplace.

Entries are open until 5.00pm on Friday 24th January, with judging taking place on Thursday 30th January. The winner will be announced on the 4th February with the Award being presented at the DCCI Annual Presidents Lunch at the Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott Hotel on Friday 14th February.

To download an application form click here or for more information please contact Rod Davis, Dorset and Somerset Training Provider Network.

Warde Award 191213


Ferndown Apprenticeship Campaign

Today Superior apprentice Adam Cook represented the network at Ferndown Upper School.  Adam presented his experience of a manufacturing apprenticeship to students and parents attending the event.

The event also saw the launch of the new Ferndown Apprenticeship Club.

Adam Cook Ferndown Upper School 041213

Apprentice Adam Cook

Careers Convention

Today ambassadors attended a careers convention at Corfe Hills School; it was an extremely well attended event.  Superior demonstrated their robotics programme which was very popular amongst the attendees.

Robotics 131113

Demonstrating the Robots

Superior Corfe Hills School 131113



Post 16 Conference For Head Teachers

Today ambassadors from Sunseeker, Superior and Cobham presented to Head Teachers from various Dorset Schools at Kingston Maurward College.  The event was highly productive and was based around the importance of teaching STEM subjects in schools.


Careers Evening

Today the network represented at a careers evening at Bournemouth Collegiate School, the event was well attended and pupils found it very useful.

Bournemouth Collegiate School


Alternative Options to University

Today, Ambassador Susanna Perkins from Superior Seals presented to A-Level students at Corfe Hills School; speaking about her apprenticeship experience as an alternative to university.

Tom Holdich from the National Apprenticeship Service said:

“Your input to the session was fantastic and really contextualised Apprenticeships and how they work to the students.”

Corfe Hills

First Careers Convention!

Today four first year apprentices from Superior Seals were thrown in the deep end at a busy careers convention at Glenmoor School.  Having only just started their apprenticeship they were able to explain to parents and students why they chose an apprenticeship and how it’s been so far.  It was a great turn out with lots of interest in apprenticeships!  Go Apprentices Mean Business!!

Superior Seal First Year Apprentices

Superior Seals First Year Apprentices

Explaining the Benefits

Explaining the Benefits

Post 16 Education at Avonbourne College

Today two Ambassadors, Joe Mannings from Sunseeker, and Susanna Perkins from Superior Seals attended an event on post-16 education at Avonbourne College.  The aim was to give Year 11 students information on the different career routes available.  Katie Quinn, Careers Advisor at Avonbourne College said:

“The students found the session extremely helpful to hear first-hand from young role models about their jobs/study, career paths and why they chosen this option.”


Supporting Manufacturing

Today, Ambassador Ben Wigley from Superior Seals presented at the “Supporting Manufacturing” event at Bournemouth University.

The event was well attended with senior figures from local industry, NAS (National Apprenticeship Service) and the LEP (Local Enterprise Partnership).

Ben spoke about his particular Apprenticeship journey to date and how he has benefited from it; his presentation was very well received amid favourable comments from all in attendance.

Ben Wigley

Ben Wigley Presenting

Ben Wigley

Grow Your Own

Today four Ambassadors presented their apprenticeship experiences to local employers hosted by the National Apprenticeship Service at Merley House.  Charlotte Coleman from Bournemouth and Poole College, Shaun Simpson from Superior, Greg Coope from Aish Technologies and Ben Judge from Sunseeker took to the floor and demonstrated why apprenticeships are so great; each Ambassador explained a bit about their apprenticeship, how it’s benefited them and their future plans.

The employers were extremely impressed with how the Ambassadors spoke and what they had all achieved in such a short time, the message was clear – “how can you not take an apprentice on?”.


The First Big Bang!

Today three Ambassadors attended the Big Bang event hosted by Bournemouth and Poole College (STEM Centre).  Susanna Perkins from Superior, Ben Judge from Sunseeker and Joe Manning also from Sunseeker presented information on Polymer Science at work and a detailed account of their apprenticeship programme.

The event was aimed at Year 8 students who have an interest in STEM subjects.  The College thanked the young Ambassadors for their participation in what was a very successful event.

Susanna's Demonstration

Susanna’s Demonstration

The Sunseeker Apprenticeship Programme

The Sunseeker Apprenticeship Programme

Grow Your Own Talent

Today “Apprentices Mean Business” was presented to local employers demonstrating the importance of “growing your own talent”.

It was a clear message, if we don’t start transferring knowledge and experience into the next generation we will face a major skills gap in the UK.  The apprenticeship model allows young people to be developed, businesses need to nurture this talent and provide opportunities for them to grow and remain loyal.  An apprentice with the right development can be transformed into a future business leader.

Apprentices Mean Better Businesses

Dorset Business

“Apprentices Mean Business” Introduced to Parliament

Today the Dorset Ambassador Network “Apprentices Mean Business” was introduced to Gordon Birtwistle MP at Portcullis House.

Gordon Birtwistle MP was appointed as an Apprenticeship Ambassador during National Apprenticeship Week 2013, to engage with employers of all sizes advocating the benefits of high quality apprenticeships.  His findings will be relayed to the Department for Education and Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to help improve policy making.

He was very impressed with this initiative in Dorset and said:

“We need these Ambassador Networks in every county!”

Gordon Birtwistle MP is fully behind this initiative and will visit Dorset later in the year to see how it’s progressing.

Portcullis House

Training with National Apprenticeship Service

Today we welcomed National Apprentice Service (NAS) to Superior Seals to train our Apprentice Ambassadors.

This training will help our young Apprentice Ambassadors when they attend events speaking to students, parents, teachers and employers.

Very soon our Apprentices Ambassadors will be attending various events shouting the message “get with apprenticeships”!

National Apprenticeship Service NAS

Launch of Apprentices Mean Business

“Apprentices Mean Business” was launched today (National Apprenticeship Week) at the STEM Centre (Bournemouth & Poole College).

The Apprentice Ambassador Network “Apprentices Mean Business” was introduced to the “Employers Forum” where local employers and schools attend.

Each Apprentice Ambassador spoke briefly about their experiences and demonstrated their enthusiasm and passion for spreading the message about apprenticeships.

Our aim was clear:

“Increase awareness of apprenticeships and create more career opportunities in Dorset”

STEM Centre Bournemouth & Poole College