James Rowe

James is currently working within the Sales and Marketing team for a manufacturing company that has a group turnover in excess of £30 million per annum. On a daily basis he communicates with new and existing clientele giving high-quality customer care. He has been tasked to create new marketing campaigns, monitor internal performance and introduce new customers to the business. He believes his time as an apprentice in the company tool room and workshop has had a huge beneficial impact on his current job role as he can apprehend requirements on a technical level and understands the importance of communication.

“The amount of academic, commercial and practical skills I have learnt during my time as an apprentice has been enormous. This would not have been possible if I undertook another career path. Apprenticeships mould a person, they allow the individual to make decisions and experience the real working world. These experiences create a platform you learn from, this has developed my personal, public and professional skills. My apprenticeship has been key to my success today.”

“James is a well-presented young man. He is ambitious and eager to learn. His abilities to engage and interact with people, his self-confidence and trustworthy character make him a perfect candidate for developing a career in sales and marketing. James has had an outstanding contribution to our business.”Director of Sales and Marketing at Superior Seals Ltd.

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