Matt Collom

Apprenticeship  Investment Operations

I began my J.P. Morgan apprenticeship on the 30th September 2013 at Chaseside. I am currently working in an operations role processing trades in the confirmations and settlements team whilst completing my Investment Operation Qualification: CISI through BPP. This apprenticeship is providing me with the skills and knowledge of the financial industry which should help start my career within the firm.

“An apprenticeship is the perfect foundation for building a strong and successful career. Combining the teaching and learning that you would receive at university along with on the job experience builds you the best platform to start your career.”

“In the first few months of the apprenticeship my knowledge of investment banking has vastly improved and has provided me with the tools to be able to succeed in my line of work whilst giving me the perfect support structure to help me along the way. As a new generation entering J.P. Morgan I feel the company has benefited from the enthusiasm, positive work ethic and the new ideas I have brought forward.”

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