Jess Mason

Apprenticeship  Investment Banking

I am based in Global Technology Infrastructure within the firm and I work in a team spread across the globe. My role is to provide pre-approved technology changes for firm wide use in order to enable each line of business to carry out tasks without waiting for approvals when a change is required. I am also part of the community relations committee where we donate to certain charities and schemes over the south. My course is spread over 18 months and is a financial services qualification where I have optional units such as Technology and Operations.

“I chose to apply for an apprenticeship because I am heavily motivated by the idea of earning and receiving an education at the same time that’ll therefore help to succeed within my employment. As tuition fees are rising and the increasing influx of graduates applying for a small variety of jobs, I felt by taking this route I will have the experience to progress further in my career path.”


“For a firm this large to branch out with an apprenticeship scheme allows them to gain a variety of young talented individuals who can add unique and fresh value to the firm. For me, the apprenticeship has provided a foot in the door of a massive global firm where I have several opportunities and options for any career path I choose.”

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