Ben Clarke

Ben Clarke, 29, from Poole, Dorset, completed his Advanced Apprenticeship in Manufacturing and Engineering at a local engineering company before taking up his role in Superior Seals which designs, manufactures and supplies seals and special mouldings to some of the world’s most renowned and respected manufacturing companies.  Five years on, Ben now has a senior position within Superior Seals, and is currently the Quality Manager.

“Apprenticeships are character building for life – they help you develop many personal and professional skills. I still use many of the skills I learnt as an apprentice in my every day role which involves dealing with leading global organisations.”

My Apprenticeship transformed me from a quiet and shy school boy to a confident, mature and driven individual striving for the best in whatever I did.  It was instrumental in building in qualities such as technical skills, my approach to problem solving, remaining calm under pressure, prioritising tasks, time management, working independently and working within a team; it’s an endless list of skills that you cannot learn from any other process.”

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